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Paola Leon-Garcia

Raquel Finol, an architect born in  Maracaibo, Venezuela is at present living and enriching her artistic talent at her    charming studio in Orlando, Florida. Finol describes her art is innate , since her passion for art has always been present as innate as her passion for art develops from her childhood, it portrays her creativity in different expressions and formats evoking experiences, nature, energy and spirituality from her childhood, the themes and colors she uses  emanate from her culture and experiences in Maracaibo, city described as “the land beloved by the sun” “La Tierra del sol amada“ 

The abstract and the geometric characterizes Raquel's works, using techniques such as: crayon, watercolor, acrylic, pastel and digital art.

 She has won numerous awards in photography,  drawing and graphic design and has participated in exhibitions in Poland, Trieste Italy, virtual exhibition of the Louvre Museum in Paris among others.

Raquel feels art is her extension of life on each stroke she portrays, Art is her way of life, it is the  beginning and the infinite.


  “ Time flies, but if you want to express yourself, there is  still  time”    

                                                                                                                                                                              Raquel Finol   


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