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Robert Bricker is an American figurative bronze sculptor, he began stone carving the figure at 15 years old, graduated in 1982 from the Philadelphia College of art with a BFS degree (renamed University of the Arts in 1985). He worked as an apprentice at S. Johnson Atelier and by the age of 25, he established his own bronze foundry business in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Although he is trained as a realist sculptor, and has created many realist bronze portraits and monuments, he is deeply interested in personal expression with the figure. Imagination and composition are paramount priorities both in his drawing and his sculpting.

Robert is a spatial thinking artist, and his work is consistently an expression of form in space. He is dedicated to creating figurative imagery that is poetically ambiguous as to its meaning, with the full intention that the viewer’s interpretation of his work is as valid as why he made it in the first place. 


He draws constantly from live models, trying to cultivate a call-and-response synergy. In his fine art, models become a point of departure for him to search for gestures and poses that convey something beyond this temporal realm - something eternal. His figures often have more than two arms, one torso, one head as he searches to express the divinities within us. Additionally, Robert poses his models with a variety of props in order to help him embark on introspection and an investigation of potential meanings of juxtaposed symbols. His fine art is not illustration, rather it is more like a dream; not a lecture, rather more like a poem. Craftsmanship and respect for artistic mediums are important to him.


His distinguished artistic expression is conveyed thru bronze sculpture, cast plaster, sgraffitto ceramics, drawing and painting, prose and poetry.

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