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      ARTIS FINE ARTS Gallery and Studio is located in the heart  of Hollywood Florida.         

Founded in 2021 by Sculptor and Photographer Miguel Reinfeld who envisioned a space for    artist to feel at home while their art is showcased with the  respect it deserves.

 "In my view, Art is an evolving project that only time will judge with certainty.  The Artist     

  has a pseudo-parenting relationship to its Artwork and is too close to it to be able to see it    in perspective. The Collector develops a personal view and connection to the Artwork, most    of the time far away from the artists view and reality. Coexisting with a changing degree of    interrelation with both the Artist and the Collector and in spite of them, the Artwork has a      life of its own. The Galleries role is to give a voice to both the Artist and the Artwork and        help them connect as a unity with the Collector... and to the world." 

                                                                                                    Miguel Reinfeld  2021









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