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With its transparent, fragile, and malleable appearance, the seduction

of glass marked​ Betta Santini, a contemporary multimedia artist, and Kiln-Formed Glass Designer, from very early on. She is an artist determined to give voice to female silence. In making the flame of discomfort visible. Her highly aesthetic work manages to contrast the fragility of glass with the emotional forcefulness of the pieces.

Betta Portrait hojillas.jpg


Elisa Wuo graduated with a bachelor degree in Art Education and Licensed from FAAP, SP- Brazil, in 1984.

Born in Brazil, she moved to the USA in 1996 where she lives and works as a fine artist for over 25 years.

Her work is in several cities in the state of  Florida and in Brazil.

2021/ 2022 - Four group exhibitions between Brazil and the USA.

ELISA retouched.jpg


Contemporary fine artist,  Carla Ruiz was academically trained very early with ELISA, a renowned art teachers from her country, Argentina.

The connection of man and his spiritual dimension as well as the link between emotions and creative work are part of her continuous artistic exploration process.

She currently resides in Miami, Fl.



Marcia Perasso graduated in Archictecture from Universidade Presbiteriana Machenzie, SP- Brazil, in 1984.

She was born in Brazil - SP, where she lives and works as an architect and aquarelist for over 40 years.
From 1981 - 2022 she had many exhibitions -group and individual- in Brazil and in USA.



Roberta Barros is a Brazilian Surface Designer & Lettering artist with a background in Art Education and Industrial Design.

Her travels influenced and motivated her to explore new possibilities, learn new techniques and reinvent herself through many aspects of her artistic path.

She has created several murals, canvases, chalkboards and all sort of art for renowned Interior Designers, companies and art lovers in the USA and Brazil.

Roberta Barros.png
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