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Ana Maria Mariani, born in southern Venezuela to post-war Italian immigrant parents, considers herself a multifaceted global citizen. Despite having studied business and graduated in law, she finds in art her true passion seeking what she considers "her mission in life”.


She currently lives and works in her studio in Maitland, Florida, venturing into the world of photography, oil and acrylic painting.  It is undoubtedly the textile art that immerses her in her most recent creations, which for her mean a renaissance and an encounter with herself.

'In every work I am born, I manifest myself and get the reason to live'


She has been notably influenced by the works of local Chilean and Sheila Hicks native artisans. Ana María's artistic expression has to do with introspection, delving into the experiences of new and old lives.

Her wooden sculptures and textiles imitate the branches of trees. She decorates them with the noblest and most resistant threads, handmade such as Sari silk, Sari Yarn, Alpaca, Core Spun Art Yarn and wool, acquired from different parts of the world, they serve as a uniting element in her work.


Over the years she has been perfecting and developing her own technique, which takes her to an artistic level worthy of admiration.

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